Proofs & Policies

We want you to be totally satisfied with your order, and to help make sure this happens, we are happy to provide up to 3 digital proofs and 1 physical proof* for each item you order. 1st digital proof:

  • Within 5 business days of receiving half deposit and after we have received all your text content, you will receive your first digital proof by email. To view our proofs, you will need Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free at:
  • The first digital proof will reflect your paper color choices, font choices and colors, and custom layout of text and graphics.
  • Please make all revision requests in one email sent to Do not submit your revisions until you have a complete list of items that need to be changed. If you are not 100% certain and completely ready to send your revisions back to the Design Team, please let your project manager know and wait to send your email until all your revisions are noted in one email.

2nd digital proof:

  • Your 2nd digital proof will include all initial changes requested, including paper colors, sizes and shapes if applicable. If no changes are necessary, please notify your Project Manager and we will begin printing and assembling.

3rd/final digital proof

  • Because your item is custom designed, we have included a 3rd digital proof to leave room for graphical changes based on your design preferences.
  • Your 3rd proof is your final proof. You must reply to your Project Manager by email that you are completely satisfied with your order and ready to go to print. We will consider your email approval a signed agreement to move forward with printing.
  • Please be sure your invite count is correct.  A $100.00 reorder fee will be charged for any extra invites ordered after we print your invites.
  • Paper Colors and Sizes: It is very important at this time to be sure you are happy with your paper color, size and shape choices. If no paper changes are requested at this time, we will order your paper.
  • Any text errors or graphical changes found after final proof is signed and printing is complete will not be the responsibility of Birch Paper & Design. The customer would be responsible for paying for the whole order plus the extra costs of reprinting and re-assembling those items that had errors.

Again, we encourage everyone to review their final proofs with great care. Once we receive PROOF APPROVAL for all items in your order, you are all set!

To maintain our exceptionally high standards for quality and customer service, it is important for our customers to honor this proof policy. To avoid any additional charges, please make sure that you are familiar with our process. Print production will not begin until we have received your approval.

Most brides send out their invitations 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding so please keep in mind that we like to allow two weeks to design and then order/receive papers and one week to print your items (once everything has been approved by you) so be sure to allow yourself enough time for our process!

Under no circumstances will Birch Paper & Design proceed with an order without an approved proof.